HPDE Introduction Evenings Track Mustang Rental

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High Performance Driving - for novice drivers - using a Calabogie Track Cars!


This is your entry to high performance driving experiences.  

  • This program is a lead follow format that will introduce you to on track skills and best practices to performance driving.  Follow your instructor around the full 5.05 km track and learn the line, learn how and when to pass safely, learn where to look and learn where to apply the brakes and throttle. 
  • There will be up to 3 other cars in your group on track all following the coach in a Calabogie Track Car. 
  • Each session is 25 minutes on track with a driver briefing in between sessions. 
  • M2010 or SA2010 Snell rated helmets are required. If you are unsure of your rating or need one, rentals are available for $20.00 
  • Long pants and proper shoes are required. No sandals or flipflops. 
  • Mustang insurance is available with a $3000 deductible. 
  • Track Rental Cars are standard transmission, Automatic available upon early request.
  • All coaches are Level II certified with the Motorsports Safety Foundation  

 Will I get signed off to drive solo after this ? 

  • Not after 1 event. Drivers will require 2 or more evenings in this program before they will be even considered for solo driving during an HPDE day. This is not a guarantee, this may require further steps. Drivers need to demonstrate they are comfortable at speed, can give and take passes safely and know the rules. It’s never the same from one driver to the next. Safety of our drivers and coaches is important and we encourage you to listen to everything the coaches tell you. 


Please contact Cory if you are looking for that next step.  As always, seat time is vital, we can never stop learning and neither should you. HPDE@calabogiemotorsports.com


Insurance available with a $3000 deductible

* Cancellations within 5 days of a scheduled event will result in $100 admin fee
*Date transfers 48 hours prior to a scheduled event will result in $100 admin fee


Using a track prepped Rental Car


  • $769  This includes the track time and the coach 
  • $30     Helmet rentals available.